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We're a Creative Studio located in South Florida

We specialize in offering underwater film production services for a variety of projects. We believe in creativity and focus on applying a more artistic approach to our work. This combined with a commitment to delivering you with a fun, professional, and personalized experience are the essential tools behind our business. They allow us to offer products and services that are unique, tailored to meet your needs, and give you the best customer experience possible.

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Our Team

Lee Burghard

Lee Burghard

Underwater Cameraman, Director of Photography, Post-Production

Lee is an award winning underwater filmmaker, proud co-owner of Wild Shutter Imaging, and equipment specialist for Reef Photo & Video. He specializes in capturing video from challenging underwater environments whether they’re near the surface or a hundred feet below. His opinion is that this type of profession is all about continued growth and creativity. He's always pushing himself to try something new, unique, and different with his work. He looks at every new project and challenge as an opportunity to further enhance his skills.

Phil Burghard

Phil Burghard

Underwater Photography & Camera Technician

Phil's passion for underwater imaging started back in 2011 when he took his first camera underwater. He quickly realized that this was a career path he wanted to pursue and has spent the last 6 years developing his skills as an underwater photographer and working as an underwater equipment specialist for Reef Photo & Video.

Paradise Found

Our in-house series about finding paradise in the deep blue.

Our Paradise Found short film series features a growing collection of the beautiful places we’ve explored, the underwater wildlife we’ve encountered, and the experiences we’ve been able to capture on film.

Our Clients