Wild Shutter Imaging began in 2014 as a result of two brothers coming together to pursue a common passion for underwater filmmaking, adventure, and capturing the beauty of our underwater world.

We’re a production company located in South Florida that specializes in offering underwater film production services for variety of film, documentary, and commercial projects. Our focus is to offer you a fun, professional, and personalized experience for your video production. This combined with our creativity and skill sets are the essential tools behind our business and continued success. They allow us to offer services that are unique, customized to meet your needs, and to deliver you with the best results possible.

Lee Burghard

Lee is an award winning underwater filmmaker, Nauticam Ambassador, and equipment specialist for Reef Photo & Video. He specializes in capturing footage from challenging underwater environments whether they’re near the surface or a hundred feet below. His work has been featured on a variety TV programs including National Geographic, History Channel, and Discovery Channel. Lee looks at every new project and challenge as an opportunity to try something new, unique, and different with his work. This combined with his skills, willingness, and drive are the essential tools behind his continued success in this profession.

Phil Burghard

Phils passion for this industry started back in 2011 and since then he’s dedicated his career to developing a wide variety of skills within underwater imaging. He’s an established underwater photographer, assistant camera, equipment specialist at Reef Photo & Video, and absolute “guru” when it comes to all things underwater imaging related.